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About Hotwork and Fosbel

The Hotbels Seminar is sponsored by Hotwork-USA and Fosbel.  Read below for a brief description of each company:

About Hotwork-USA:

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Hotwork started heating up glass furnaces in 1965 and is now a global supplier to most industrial furnace operators providing dryouts and heatups of refractories. In the glass division the service has expanded to steelwork expansion control supervision, electronic crown rise monitoring, dry or wet cullet filling, sulfate removal, hold hots, glass draining and recycling of the hot water during a drain.

To learn more about Hotwork services, check out our web site at or email us at

Or contact us by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at +1 859 276 1570, or fax us at +1 859 276 1583.

About Fosbel:

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Fosbel is a global provider of refractory maintenance and repair services for heavy industrial furnaces and ovens in the glass, steel and coke (a raw material used to make steel) production industries.  Fosbel’s Cetek division provides ceramic coating technology and other efficiency-enhancing services to operators of fired heaters in the power generation, petroleum refining and chemical processing industries.  With more than 30 years of experience, Fosbel serves customers globally with significant operations on six continents.

To learn more about Fosbel's innovative services that increase productivity, reduce emissions and extend furnace life, check out our website at: or email us at

Or contact one of our regional offices:

USA: +1 216 362 3900
Brazil: +55 11 4161 9707
Central & South America: +57 4 268 2482;
Germany: +49 2251 70060
India: +91 657 6459863
China: +86 21 5868 0638
Japan: +81 78913 7300

Hotwork Services:

1980 Hotwork Seminar Award

Furnace Heatups

Hotwork services

Wet Cullet Filling

Hotwork Services

Furnace Drains

Fosbel Services:

Doug Davis wins 2009 BTU Award

Inspection Services

Ceramic Welding

Ceramic Welding

Fosbel Hot Repairs

Innovative Hot Repairs