Hotbels 2021

In the interest to the safety of our customers, staff and friends due to Covid-19 pandemic, we at Hotbels have decided to cancel Hotbels 2021.  We are very disappointed and appreciate your patience in this unusual time.


We urge you to stay safe and healthy for Hotbels 2022. 

The cancellation of Hotbels 2020 and 2021 are the result of a US Government declared State of Emergency, health authorities’ instructions to practice social distancing, as well as health safety practices set forth by the World Health Organization (WHO) to curb the spread of the virus.


If you would like additional information regarding COVID-19, including preventative measures you can take to better protect yourself from infection, please refer to the World Health Organization's website for the most current and accurate information.




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The Griffin Gate Marriott Resort & Spa is located at 1800 Newtown Pike in Lexington, KY.

Keeneland Race Track

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Hotbels History

Hotbels has an extensive history, beginning with the first seminar held in 1977; it officially became "Hotbels" in 1998 when Hotwork became a division of the Fosbel Group.  Though Hotwork and Fosbel are independent today, we still collaborate to present information on the advancement of innovation and technology to the Glass Industry.

Bob Chambers, Managing Director for Fosbel, said, "Hotbels' purpose is to present topics that are of interest to glass makers.  Every year, Hotwork and Fosbel are challenged with the task of finding experts to present on relevant topics, allowing for Q&A, and creating the opportunity for collaboration of technical exchange, expansion of knowledge and the movement towards resolution." 


Hotbels is held in Lexington, Kentucky, and attracts all levels of the glass industry, not only in North America, but also worldwide.  Our 2019 event attracted representatives from 40 glass production facilities, in addition to delegates from 23 different organizations that supply essential services & products to the glass industry.


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